How do you convey a certain message?


Sometimes it can be difficult when you have a crush on someone to tell them. You often don't know what to do or how to go about it. Still, it's nice to surprise the person, so they might get a hint, and you can gauge if they like you too. When you text anonymously, for example, you can let them know something without the person knowing it's you. However, you then have to be careful to get the message right. Of course, you want it to be clear that it is you who is sending the message, or not. On Valentine's Day, for example, you can send an anoniem sms sturen without revealing your identity. Feelings are tricky, but the trick is to be confident in your actions. The worst that can happen is that someone rejects you, and then what? That doesn't have to mean the end of the world.

How do you generate interest?

The easiest way to arouse interest in someone is to just be yourself and give them little hints every now and then. What you do is touch an arm in a subtle way and eye contact is also very important. When you stand firm and radiate this in a positive way, you will naturally find that people find this attractive. Positive energy attracts enormously, you can easily make people surf along on your good mood in combination with a few psychological tricks. You don't have to manipulate everyone right away, but once you understand how attraction works with people, you can use it with everyone.

Fall for someone like a log

You may naturally fall in love with someone suddenly without perhaps wanting to. Often, you cannot control your feelings, and this can be very frustrating as you try to focus more on yourself. This can be seen as a distraction that may not always be beneficial. At the end of the day, you are in control of how many feelings you let in to yourself and what you do with them. Do you decide to forget about it, or do you take action and go all out to win the person over? It often helps if you don't do too much right away, but approach everything calmly. By doing so, you also give the other person a chance to see you.

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